Les Nuits Blanches - Noyeux Joël EP - New release!

Last year, Les Nuits Blanches saw the light of day with their debut on vinyl 'Bonjour à Minuit'. This formation is a creative, musical pact between two old friends Tom De Mette and Mika Goedrijk. They got to know each other at uni and have since been regularly on stage together with This Morn' Omina, Mika Goedrijk's ethno-industrial band.

Now, in 2023, they are releasing a at 'last minute' genuine Christmas EP entitled: 'Noyeux Joël' . Their sense of humour is not only evident in this title, but runs like a thread through the songs.

'For Every Lie' is a lament with a high dose of self-criticism and comes in two versions: a Christmas version entirely with dingleberries à la Wham's Last Christmas and a 'shameless pop' version that shamelessly combines The Who with Erasure. Da dare!

In the anthem 'Jaguar', singer Tom De Mette gets pretty angry about the information overload and social media nonsense that floods us daily. Sometimes, you just wanna run!!!

'Body Positive' seems to mock gender fluidity but that is only a pretence: Les Nuits Blanches simply do not like labels and pigeonholes. Let the 'freaks' come out!


Hardcopy ( transparent blue CD) available via bandcamp

Now available at Cultura - Les Nuits Blanches - "Bonjour à Minuit"

Les Nuits Blanches  "Bonjour à Minuit"


Hard to define but an easy listen.
Electro pop, italo disco, experimental and everything in between.

Available on 12' vinyl.
Limited to 200 copies.
Orange transparant

Also available on bandcamp